About Us

Our Dive Center Philosophy

Juara Scuba Academy (JSA), is a family-based dive centre operating out of the beautiful bay of Juara on Tioman Island, Malaysia

Founded in 2019 the dive shop was born from a passion and love of diving, the marine environment and the need to raise awareness of the importance and fragility of these aquatic ecosystems. 

Our mission is to give everyone access to the marine world and with the right support and teaching you will fall in love with the underwater world in the same way that we have.

We pride ourselves on fun, safe experiences, going that ‘extra mile’ for you. Offering a number of different courses in PADI, SSI and Reef Check, as well as amazing fun dives around the whole of Tioman Island.

We are constantly pushing ourselves to learn more to be able to give you the highest quality and varied curriculum of courses that we can.

Our Dive Center in Juara

Our dive centre is located in the centre of Juara, located on the east coast of Tioman Island. This family-friendly village is the hidden gem of Tioman surrounded by lush green rainforest and fringed by its famous long white beach and tranquil turquoise waters.

We are located next to Beach Shack Chalet right on the beach just a ‘stone’s throw’ away from our beautiful house reef ‘The Aquarium’

Our new and modern dive centre is bright and spacious with dedicated space for teaching, equipment set up and of course ample room to chill out and chat after diving

Being so close to the beach we are perfectly located to do confined water sessions in the shallow bay but we also have access to a pool to complete skills where needed.

Our Dive Center Family

The team is composed of friends hand-picked for their passion for high quality teaching, safe diving practices and marine education. These qualities shine through in every activity they undertake and creates a really unique diving experience.

The staff take time with each new guest to allow us to adapt our courses and dives around the needs of the individual making every interaction personally tailored to allow you to get the best out of your time with us.

The heart of the business lies in its connection between people and place, friendship and environment representing the voice of the sea, making efforts in securing a future for our living seas and to save our threatened marine life before it is lost forever.

We wish to bring awareness, understanding and stewardship to the core of every activity, doing our part to secure a future for our oceans and the amazing species that make up the rich complex ecosystem we love to visit.

There is only one ocean and we have only one chance to save and conserve it.

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Our Environmental & Social Enterprise Pledge

Our full sets of quality rental equipment are regularly serviced to ensure your comfort and safety. With a variety of sizes and styles, including some masks with corrective (prescription) lenses, we aim to satisfy every diver and snorkeler’s needs.

Why Choose Us for Scuba Diving in Tioman?

Whatever your motivation or experience, Juara Scuba Academy has you covered for all your Tioman scuba diving desires!


Preparation and planning are the twin pillars of our business. Customer safety is our main priority, our highly trained staff focus on selecting the safest environment possible for your diving adventures.


Your dives directly contribute to the health of our reef systems across Tioman Island with our coral conservation, education and outreach programs through Reef Tribes (Marine Conservation & Education NGO).

Group Size

We limit our groups to 4 students per instructor for courses and 4 divers per divemaster for fun dives. We do this to make sure that your dives are relaxed and serene during your stay with us.


We pride ourselves on our personal service, taking every divers needs into consideration customising our premium diving service to match your personal needs.


We welcome divers from all backgrounds and experience levels, as well as certification agencies or associations. Having a multilingual team we can teach courses in Malay, English or Chinese with training material being available in 30+ languages.