Diving Courses in Tioman

Learn Scuba Diving with JSA

Juara Scuba Academy was set up by a passionate diver with the ocean in his heart. We pride ourselves on high standards of safety and tailor-made dive training and experiences allowing you to make the most out of your time with us.

At Juara Scuba Academy, we are affiliated with some of the best diving organisations in the world SSI and PADI. Our goal is to give you the tools and confidence to access the ocean, but if you are unsure about which course would be most suitable for you please contact our team to discuss your options.

Our multiple Scuba diving courses in Tioman are taught educationally at your pace. From beginner to professional, there is no limit to your learning. We have carefully selected the dive sites of Tioman with safety and pleasure in mind.

Make the most of your time in this tropical paradise by learning to scuba dive, or advance your diving skills and become part of the JSA family.

Online Learning

When it comes to Online diving training, SSI has successfully perfected the use of technology to improve your diving education, anytime and anywhere. The courses are simple, interactive, succinct, and enjoyable.

PADI courses can also be done online at additional cost.

Log in and explore – Once registered with JSA you will gain full access to your digital SSI diving course. The theory is simple to find, with detailed HD videos, animations, images, and illustrations to improve your diving learning.

To get the most out of your courses with us, watch the related videos, read the text and at the end of each section answer the knowledge review questions. The theory that you complete through your app will be the basis of your academy sessions for the course and will get you ready for your in water training. You can complete all the training online before you get to Tioman, we can go over any topics if needed upon arrival at JSA.

In MySSI app you will gain access to:

So, start now and learn to dive in your own style

What will You Learn in the Diving Course?

Becoming a diver will change your life and the outlook you have on marine environments. You will experience new sensations during your dive course and learn a lot of new skills:

Our diving courses in JSA have been structured to provide you the knowledge, confidence and diving skills to explore this world peacefully.