Scuba Diver Tioman

Learn Scuba Diving in Tioman

If you want to experience the underwater world but you don’t have enough time to complete your full Open Water Course then we have just the thing for you!

In this two day introductory scuba diving certification course that enables you to dive to a maximum depth of 12 metres, with a dive professional.

You can then upgrade your certification to the full Open Water Course at a later time when it is more convenient

Your instructor will provide you the training to safely learn about scuba diving. The Scuba diver Tioman course will give you access to the ocean to a depth of 12m under the supervision of an Instructor.

You will discover in no time that you can learn what you didn’t imagine and surely with the idea of ​​planning your next underwater vacation.

10 Years


2 Days


12 m

What to Expect During The Scuba Diver Course?

Our Scuba Diver course begins when you enrol and gain access to your digital learning which you can complete in the comfort of your own home before arriving in Juara.

The course itself will take two days to complete and it will teach you the basic skills needed to confidently scuba dive, learning about your equipment in confined water skill circuits before putting that into practise in two open water dives.

Through this course you will experience the sensation of being weightless, feeling like you are flying through the water exploring and meeting the unique inhabitants of the underwater world.

What You Need to Know

Anyone who wants to explore the underwater world can enrol in the Scuba Diver course, although this course is an introduction to the Open Water Diver course, it is necessary to follow several guidelines:

What is Included?

Get Your Full Diving License

As a certified Scuba Diver you can upgrade to the full Open Water Diver certification which enables you to dive to a maximum depth of 18 metres with another certified diver.

This additional training will build upon the knowledge and skills developed in your scuba diver course. You can upgrade with us, even if you did not complete your scuba diver certificate with us, by completing the rest of the digital learning, confined water skills and two additional open water dives.