Stress and Rescue Diver

Protect Yourself and Others in the Water

If so we have just the thing for you, the Stress & Rescue Diver is a challenging and rewarding course allowing you to improve your diving assurance and pleasure by learning to detect, manage and avoid stress-related scenarios.

Recognizing and managing stress are the keys to prevent any scuba diving accidents. Diving emergencies can happen due to many reasons such as the unstable conditions we are diving in, equipment faults or human error. Having the ability to observe, understand, identify and react to these situations allows us to manage even the most stressful experience.

The objective of the Rescue Diver course in Tioman is to give you the knowledge, ability, and experience to allow you to quickly identify and safely resolve emergencies in a multitude of dive situations.

12 Years


3 Days


30 m

What to Expect During the Diver Stress and Rescue Course?

Your SSI Diver Stress and Rescue course begins when you enroll and gain access to the digital learning materials, which you are required to complete prior to arriving at our Bali diving school. When you arrive at our dive centre on day one of your Diver Stress and Rescue course, we will finalize any administrative details and then the excitement of your in-water training begins! You will join your instructor and fellow students to practice various drills on land and in a nearby swimming pool. There will be a break to enjoy lunch onsite and when the day is over, make sure to stay hydrated and get plenty of rest ahead of day two! 

On day two of your SSI Diver Stress and Rescue course in Bali you will get to apply the skills you learned during the pool session in the open water at a dive site in Sanur! Your instructor will review the various rescue skills and scenarios and once everyone is ready, you will enter the water to practice the skills in the ocean for the first time.  

Day three of your Diver Stress and Rescue course in Bali will take your skill practice to some of Bali’s top diving sites! The day will begin with comfortable, air-conditioned transportation to the dive sites, where you will prepare your equipment and listen to a dive briefing. You will get to enjoy scuba diving in Bali while responding to several emergency scenarios prepared by your instructor.

At Ocean Gravity Bali, we prioritize safety and certification is issued based on each student’s ability, comfort level, and knowledge. Your instructor will assess your progress throughout the course and will decide if you are eligible for certification. For more information, please read our Terms & Conditions.

What You Need to Know

To take part in the rescue diver course, you must:

(Note: short-term DAN insurance can be purchased through us; contact us for details.) 

What is Included?

What is Included?

Get The Good Reflex

The React Right course is an emergency training program which included, Primary Evaluation, First Aid & CPR, and Primary Stabilization Techniques. You will learn how to:

This course is compulsory for the Rescue course unless you have a current First Aid and CPR training within two years.

10 Years


1 Days