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Online Diving Courses

Improve Your Scuba Diving Knowledge From The Comfort Of Your Own Home!

The ocean world is vast and intriguing so why not ignite your passion for scuba diving wherever you are by participating in one of our online Scuba courses.

There are courses perfect for those divers wanting to continue their education but there are also perfect courses for uncertified divers with junior programs available for students of 6 years old+.

These courses give you an in-depth theoretical knowledge in various areas connected to the ocean and scuba diving and allow you to work at your own pace to dive deeper into the fascinating subjects as you curl up on the sofa.

At JSA we’ve put together a list of awesome online dive courses which we can teach fully online with our dedicated instructors who are experienced in teaching fun and interactive courses to all ages online.

How Does The Online Diving Course Program Work?

Your online course begins when you sign up and receive an email with a link to access the digital course materials.

Then it is up to you to review the course material at your own pace, you will have a designated instructor on hand for any problems and they will be available to do a course review session before you take your exam as well as a one on one overview session at the end of your course where you can ask any questions and we can address any course points.

If you need any more information or advice on what course would suit you get in touch.

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