Coral Identification

Let’s dive into the underwater Coral Cities of our Oceans

Have you ever asked yourself what coral actually is or why it is so important?

In our Coral Identification course you dive a little deeper into the beauty and abundance of life in the complex Coral Reef ecosystem and is perfect for anyone, of any age, wanting to learn more about our Oceans forgotten heroes.

Through this course we will provide you with an insight into the world of coral and the threats that they face in our involving world. Exploring the basic structure of corals and their reefs, looking at their reproductive methods and the wonders of mass Coral spawning. Learning to identify various coral families and examine coral health issues.

To understand the importance of Coral in our oceans health is to open your heart and minds to the issues facing some of the smallest but most integral species in our ocean ecosystems.

Your dedicated Instructor will help you understand the truth and importance of this incredible and ancient group of species who desperately need our help now.

6 Years


What to Expect During the Marine Ecology Course?

During your Coral Identification Specialty course you will complete a series of topics in your digital learning material such as:

We will be on hand to give support through online session throughout the course and will schedule an revision session to review the key points of the course before you take the final exam, finishing the course with a one on one session with your experienced Instructor to review the course and address any questions.

What You Need to Know

To join the Coral Identification Specialty Course, the requirements are:

This certification is a dry course but a snorkelling, education dive or explorer dive can be added if you visit us in Juara.

MYR 299.00

What is Included?