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Marine Ecology

Understanding the varied Underwater world

Have you ever wondered about the many species of marine life you see beneath the waves and why they are there?

Our Marine Ecology course is perfect for anyone, of any age, wanting to learn more about the fascinating and complex marine environment alongside its importance to our world and focuses on how we can help to protect it.

Your dedicated Instructor will help you understand the intricate underwater ecosystems and is a fantastic way to prepare you to dive into scuba diving or for certified divers who are wanting to understand more about the world the dive into.

Becoming a responsible diver is more important now than it has ever been, through this course you will learn why the oceans are important to humanity, understanding the threats to our oceans and their consequences as well as becoming aware of how you can help, with only a few actions, save the ocean.

10 Years


What to Expect During the Marine Ecology Course?

During your Marine Ecology Specialty course you will complete a series of topics in your digital learning material such as

We will be on hand to give support through online session throughout the course and will schedule an revision session to review the key points of the course before you take the final exam, finishing the course with a one on one session with your experienced Instructor to review the course and address any questions.

What You Need to Know

To join the Marine Ecology Specialty Course, the requirements are:

This certification is a dry course but a snorkelling, education dive or explorer dive can be added if you visit us in Juara.

What is Included?

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