Basic Diver

Begin Scuba Diving in Tioman

Trying scuba diving is the first step on a new adventure and is a perfect experience to do if you don’t have time to get your full Open Water certification or for those who want to get a taste of Tioman’s underwater wonders before upgrading to a training program

This half a day SSI Basic Diver program will forever change the way you look at the world and allow you to discover the lungs of our planet; the ocean.

Our instructor will guide you through the basic principles of scuba diving and practise the key skills with you underwater to ensure your safety, followed by a closely supervised open water dive where you can experience the weightlessness of diving connecting with the extraordinary sea creatures and habitats of this whole new world.

Your basic Diver experience can be credited towards the SSI entry-level certification courses of Scuba Diver or Open Water Diver, or allows you to do additional dives in another SSI dive centre (within the next six-months).

What to Expect During the Basic Diver Program?

Everyone experiences their first dive differently so we keep groups small to cater to the individual, making sure there are not more than 2 guests with your instructor

The experience will last for about 2 hours, with the first hour your instructor will introduce you to your equipment and teach you what you need to understand to scuba safely.

Once you are comfortable you will enter the water for your second hour. In the confined water with your instructor you will practise some skills to get comfortable breathing underwater and swimming with your gear, before going across to ‘the Aquarium’ reef for a bit of fun!


*If all skills are completed a Basic Diver certification will be awarded, if skills are unable to be completed then a Try Scuba recognition card with be awarded.

What You Need to Know

The Basic diver program is intended for ALL those wishing to discover the marine world. However it is important to follow a few recommendations:

This program takes 2 hours and can be extended to a two dive experience or used as part of a further diving course

What is Included?

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Juara Dive Sites / Locations

There are plenty of Juara scuba diving sites with conditions suitable for beginners! Your Basic Diver open water dives will not exceed a depth of 12 metres, and we choose the dive sites that provide the safest and most comfortable environment for your experience.

Basic Diver in The Aquarium

The hidden gem of Tioman we are lucky to have this amazing shore dive right in front of our dive shop.

This shallow reef is great for beginners, surrounded by a sandy bottomed bay perfect for confined water skills

We can walk straight off the beach and dive into your first underwater experience with beautiful healthy coral full of colour and varied marine life such as False Clownfish, Batfish, Fusilier, Angelfish, Pufferfish, Barracuda, Stingrays, Turtles and even some juvenile sharks!

Basic Diver in Rinkin

An exciting site for new divers and experienced divers alike.

This sloping coral garden  is combined with a sheer rock faced wall to give you the wonders of two dive sites in one. With healthy coral there are many wonders to see from the brightly colored reef fish to the occasional turtle and remora, there’s so much to discover we can never have enough time on this site!

Once you have completed your first try dive in ‘The Aquarium’, you could add on this boat trip to dive a little deeper into the underwater world.

Basic Diver in Nayak

Located on the South coast of Juara Bay and is popular with reef and schooling fish, turtles and Bumphead Parrotfish. With a sloping rock formation there is an abundance of life that loves the coral and sponges found here.

Once you have completed your first try dive in ‘The Aquarium’, you could add on this boat trip to dive a little deeper into the underwater world.