Deep Diving

Take Your Diving To The Next Level

Have you ever wondered what might be happening in the depths below you?

Well we have just the course for you.

Our  Deep Diving Specialty Course is the key to unlocking fascinating and exciting dives so you won’t miss out on opportunities to visit unique dive sites that require more advanced training.

Diving to these depths requires more preparation and skill than shallower. Without proper training, you will put yourself at risk. To schedule your dives effectively, you first need to learn how to minimise all of the possible hazards linked with diving to 40 metres.

Our objective is to guide you through this fantastic journey. The Deep Diving course will teach you to plan for, recognise, and handle the additional risks that are associated with deep diving, which will boost your confidence and enhance your enjoyment of scuba diving.

10 Years


2 Days


40 m

What to Expect During the Deep Diving Course?

During your Deep Diving Specialty you will have a theory and a practical side to the course.

The Theory can be done before arriving on the island with your digital course material which covers:

  • Deep diving system
  • Physics and physiology
  • Deep diving planning
  • Potential deep diving hazards


When  you join your instructor in Juara you will practise a series of skills and games in deep water environments that focus on buoyancy, reaction time, air consumption and decompression limits. Skills we will cover

  • Breathing from a pony tank at depth 
  • Hovering at depth
  • Deploy a surface marker buoy while underwater
  • Calculate surface air consumption rate


You will be exposed progressively to deeper dives observing the changes that occur as you dive deeper in this fantastic adventure.

What You Need to Know

To join the Deep Diving specialty course in Tioman, the requirements are:

What is Included?