Enriched Air Nitrox

Extend Your Bottom Time

Are you interested in extending your bottom and reducing your surface interval on your next diving holiday?

Then we have just the course for you. Our Enriched Air Nitrox teaches you how to organise and dive with a gas mix of up to 40% oxygen.

A lot of scuba divers are interested in this course to go deeper, this however is a misconception, because the main benefit of this gas is to increase your bottom time. The air tank allows you to go deeper. This gas contains more oxygen and less nitrogen. Your body will absorb less nitrogen, by increasing your time at depth. The Enriched Air Nitrox is used in repetitive dive when divers dive more than twice a day.

It’s a short dry course that we highly recommend if you plan your next diving holiday in Tioman.

10 Years


1 Days


What to Expect During the Enriched Air Nitrox Course?

This course is a great one to do in conjunction with other specialty courses as it is a 1 day dry course, which means that no in-water skills are required to obtain the certificate.

You can begin this course at home with access to your digital training, scheduling your learning when it is convenient to you and at your own pace.

During your Enriched Air Nitrox specialty you will learn to:


  • Plan your dive safely with Enriched Air Nitrox with a mix of oxygen up to 40%
  • Increase your no-decompression limits at depth
  • Reduce your surface interval


When you join us on the island your instructor will demonstrate how to read the percentage of oxygen in a dive tank with an analyser. 

You can add to the course an open water dive with Enriched Air Nitrox tank to experience the feeling of the gas blend.

What You Need to Know

To enrol in the Advanced Diver course in Tioman it is required:

What is Included?