Navigation Diving

Find Your Way Underwater

Are you interested in becoming a more confident and competent diver?

Most dive training teaches the basics of underwater navigation but even with basic knowledge, most scuba divers rely on their Dive professionals to lead the dive. 

In completing this course you will feel more comfortable exploring dive sites with your buddy knowing how to navigate improves your confidence and comfort during your underwater adventures. Advanced navigation skills allow you and your dive group to orient yourself safely.

Through this course you will learn how to navigate using a compass and natural techniques, which will boost your confidence and enhance your enjoyment of scuba diving in Tioman and worldwide!

If you know where you go, you can take part in non-guided dives. You can plan and maximise the efficiency of your exploration. You will avoid long surface swim or to wait for the boat to pick you up.

10 Years


1 Days


What to Expect During The Navigation Diving Course?

During the Navigation Diving Specialty you will have a theory and a practical side to the course.

The Theory can be done before arriving on the island with your digital course material which covers:

  • Compass & Natural Navigation
  • Emergency situation
  • Multiple headings


When  you join your instructor in Juara you will practise and develop your Navigation theory in the underwater world. Your instructor will demonstrate various skills onland before you complete your dives

During your water sessions you will learn to plan, orientate and demonstrate compass skills as well as using geographic features to lead the dive.

What You Need to Know

To join the Navigation specialty course in Tioman, the requirements are:

What is Included?