Night & Limited Visibility

Explore The Underwater World By Torchlight

Have you ever wondered what happens as the sunsets and the underwater ecosystem is transformed into a whole new world?

If so, we have just the course for you. Our Night Diving & Limited Visibility specialty is your chance to observe this transformation as many fish go to sleep and some other fish and critters, hidden on the day, come out to play

Diving in the obscurity is extraordinary. It can be bewildering, at the beginning, but it’s a lifetime experience that each scuba diver must witness.

This specialty will develop knowledge, and techniques to safely immerse yourself in low visibility and nighttime conditions. Some divers may feel nervous to try night diving but with JSA you will discover the thrill and enjoyment of night diving under the direct supervision of our experienced instructors

By the end of this course you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills required to communicate effectively and dive safely at night, you will look forward to future night dives

10 Years


2 Days


12 m

What to Expect During the Night and Limited Visibility Course?

During the Night & Limited Visibility Specialty you will have a theory and a practical side to the course.

The Theory can be done before arriving on the island with your digital course material which covers:

  • How to plan and organise a night dive
  • Navigation, Buoyancy control and communication
  • Techniques to using dive lights
  • Emergency procedures


When  you join your instructor in Juara you will practise and develop your Night Diving understanding in the underwater world. Your instructor will demonstrate various skills onland before you complete your dives

During your water sessions you will: 

  • Demonstrate effective signalling
  • Return to a fixed point using a compass
  • Experience a simulated light failure
  • Execute lost diver procedures


 Whilst having fun and spotting the wonders of the underwater world.

What You Need to Know

To join the Night & Limited Visibility specialty course in Tioman, the requirements are:

What is Included?