Perfect Buoyancy

Protect The Environment By Controlling Your Buoyancy

Are you interested in becoming a more confident and careful diver, minimising your impact on the underwater environment?

Then we have just the course for you!

Our Perfect Buoyancy Specialty Course offers you the skills you need to fully use your dive equipment efficiently. Being able to control your buoyancy is a fundamental skill needed for effective and conservation based diving.

We will guide you to improve your diving position, control your air consumption, and maximise your comfort.

Efficient scuba divers understand that every aspect of their dive affects their underwater exploration, and that include:

  • Air consumption
  • Weight
  • Exertion
  • Depth


It’s a beneficial course for more advanced divers who desire to develop the way they dive.

10 Years


2 Days


What to Expect During the Perfect Buoyancy Course?

During your perfect buoyancy Specialty you will have a theory and a practical side to the course.

The Theory can be done before arriving on the island with your digital course material which covers:

  • Diving equipment management
  • Physics and physiology
  • Diving techniques
  • Environment effects


When  you join your instructor in Juara you will practise a series of skills and games in a confined water area that focus on buoyancy allowing you to determine

  • Your correct weighting 
  • Horizontal diving position
  • Hovering in various positions
  • Kicking techniques
  • Adjust buoyancy using breathing techniques


On completion of these skills and games you will have the opportunity to put them into practise in a series of open water dives in our reef area.

We strongly recommend this course as the basis for all future dive adventures and continued skill development.

What You Need to Know

To join the Perfect Buoyancy specialty course in Tioman, the requirements are:

What is Included?