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Waves, Tides & Currents

Building Confidence In Any Conditions

Are you ready for your next exciting adventure and with it your next challenge?

Well we have you covered!

Some of the most beautiful dive sites are the most challenging. The movement of the ocean is a huge factor in our comfort and diving experiences and knowing how to approach these sites will improve your diving possibilities and opportunities.

Waves, Tides & Currents specialty is designed to develop your knowledge, skills and confidence to dive safely in a variety of conditions. Introducing you to these, sometimes unpredictable hazards and how to overcome them.

Learning how to identify, understand, and safely respond to conditions at the surface and underwater:

  • How to enter a dive site that has waves
  • The effects of tides and currents on divers
  • The skills needed to conduct a dive in these conditions!

10 Years


2 Days



What to Expect During the Waves, Tides & Currents Course?

During your Waves, Tides & Current Diving Specialty you will have a theory and a practical side to the course.

The Theory can be done before arriving on the island with your digital course material which covers:

  • The causes of natural water movement
  • How to detect current
  • Dive gear required
  • How to respond to emergencies


When  you join your instructor in Juara you will practise a series of skills in different  water environments that focus on safety and enjoyment in the ocean

  • Negative entries
  • Moving through waves
  • Buoyancy on drift dives
  • Diving in current


You will be exposed to different ocean environments to build confidence and understanding of safety for future dive adventures.

What You Need to Know

To join the Waves, Tides & Currents specialty course in Tioman, the requirements are:

What is Included?

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